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Product Details:

TypeActivated Coconut Charcoal Powder
ApplicationDrinking water, Waste Water Treatment, Chemical Industry and Foodstuffs Industry
MaterialRaw Coal

Initiated Carbon is a non-graphite type of carbon which could be created from any carbonaceous material, for example, coal, lignite, wood, paddy husk, coir essence, coconut shell, and so forth. Initiated carbon fabricated from coconut shell is viewed as better than those acquired from different sources basically as a result of little macrospores structure which renders it increasingly viable for the adsorption of gas/vapor and for the expulsion of shading and smell of mixes.

Enacted carbon has the most grounded physical adsorption powers or the most astounding volume of adsorbing porosity of any material in the world. Actuated carbon can have a surface of more prominent than 1000m²/g.

Assembling Process

There are two sorts of handling process.

Steam Activation.

Compound Activation.

We produce both type of Activated carbon which is regularly utilized over the world.

Procedure of Steam Activation

The procedure of actuation is completed in two phases. First the coconut shell is changed over into shell charcoal via carbonization process which is normally done in mud-pits, block furnaces and metallic compact ovens. The coconut shell charcoal is enacted by response with steam at a temperature of 900oC – 1100oC under controlled environment in a rotating oven. The response among steam and charcoal happens at the inward surface region, making more destinations for adsorption. The temperature factor, during the time spent enactment is significant. Underneath 900oC the response turns out to be excessively moderate and is uneconomical. Above 1100oC the response moves toward becoming dissemination controlled and in this manner happens on the external surface of the charcoal bringing about loss of charcoal.

Properties of Activated Carbon

There is wide assortment of initiated carbon with displays various attributes relying on the crude material and enactment strategy utilized in their creation. Understanding both Absorptive and Physical attributes of the material is significant in the choosing an initiated carbon.

Adsorptive Characteristics

Surface region (BET N2) :- estimation, utilizing nitrogen (N2), of the degree of the pore surface created inside the grid of the enacted carbon. Utilized as an essential pointer of the movement level, in view of the rule that the more prominent the surface region, the higher the quantity of adsorptive destinations accessible.

Pore estimate conveyance :- assurance of the pore measure dissemination of an enacted carbon is an amazingly valuable method for understanding the exhibition attributes of the material. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) characterize the pore estimate circulation as:

Micropores r < 1nm

Mesopores r 1-25nm

Macropores r > 25nm

The macrospores are utilized as the passage to the enacted carbon, the mesopores for transportation and the microspores for adsorption.

Iodine number :- estimation of the porosity of an initiated carbon by adsorption of iodine from arrangement.

Carbon tetrachloride action :- estimation of the porosity of an enacted carbon is being tried by the adsorption of immersed carbon tetrachloride vapor.

Physical Characteristics


Mass Density

Molecule estimate circulation.

Hardness – a significant factor in framework configuration, channel life and item dealing with. There are enormous contrasts in the hardness of enacted carbons, contingent upon the crude material and movement level.

Mass Density – ought to be deliberately viewed as when filling fixed volumes as it can have impressive business suggestions The discharged and depleted thickness will demonstrate a lower an incentive because of the water film between the particles of initiated carbon.

Molecule estimate circulation the better the molecule size of an actuated carbon, the better the entrance to the surface region and the quicker the rate of adsorption energy. In vapor stage frameworks this should be considered against weight drop, which will influence vitality cost. Cautious thought of molecule estimate conveyance can give noteworthy working advantages.

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