Product Specification :

Physical StatePowder
State of Matter/Chemical FormPowder
UsageIndustrial, Laboratory
Grade StandardReagent Grade, Technical Grade
Packaging TypeBAG
Packaging Size25 KG


Features :

  • Highly reactive
  • Accurate compositions
  • Long shelf life

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Polyelectrolyte Cationic are polymers whose rehashing units bear an electrolyte gathering. Polycations and polyanions are polyelectrolytes. These gatherings will separate in fluid arrangements (water), making the polymers charged. We offer Anionic polyelectrolytes and cationic polyelectrolytes.

It is the Linear polymeric compound, since it has an assortment of enthusiastic gatherings, partiality, adsorption, and numerous substances shaping hydrogen bonds. For the most part flocculation of contrarily charged colloidal, turbidity, dying, adsorption, paste and different capacities, for coloring, paper, nourishment, metallurgy, mineral preparing, coal, oil, and oceanic item handling and maturation enterprises or natural colloids with larger amounts of wastewater treatment, particularly for urban sewage, sewage slime, paper plant slop and mechanical ooze dewatering process.

We offer high caliber Cationic Polyelectrolyte Manufacturer supplier Vadodara India Gujarat.

Appearance : Powder

Ionic Character : Cationic


1.Rapid settling.

2.Marked increment in sub-current thickness

3.High filtration rate

4.Increased throughput

5.Improved channel lucidity

6.Efficient channel cake washing.


1.Effective at low doses

2.Easy to get ready arrangement and apply

3.Completely miscible with water


1. Mechanical waste water treatment

Frequently use powdered natural wastewater of cationic polyelectrolyte is normally suspended in wastewater sewage flocculation and sedimentation of particles with a negative charge. In view of cationic flocculation unit in acidic or antacid media, depending on the positive power is amazingly compelling for quick explanation of sewage. Notwithstanding fine polyelectrolyte, poly-aluminum chloride and anionic polyelectrolyte is in effect progressively wide application in natural wastewater.

2. Liquor industrial facility wastewater, brew manufacturing plant wastewater, MSG plant wastewater, sugar plant wastewater, meat items production line wastewater, refreshment plant wastewater, material coloring plant and different sewage plant of building handling of wastewater in the, contains different natural dissolvable, and inorganic and the natural sulfide, and hydrocarbon class, and chlorine, and oil, and mercury and he on condition hurtful of parts, can with polypropylene and amine for flocculation coagulation and different emanations. It can likewise be utilized as slurry treatment operator in oilfield advancement process, specific stopping specialist, thickening operator infusion, material printing and coloring procedure of relaxing operator, Antistatic operator and basic cleansing, disinfectants, and so on.

3. Utilized for water cleansing, water/oil emulsion, oil-containing wastewater treatment, reusing of waste water and ooze dewatering; Pam can viably decrease the grating of the liquid, follow polyelectrolyte can incorporate water opposition 50-80{e1ca05648954c827bd0659ec4a466f6940210b90519c3b0ee2d424b3f4a5f43c}water with pH estimation of 7-14,large suspended particles and particles of positive charge, it needs to best treating impacts, for example, squander water from iron industry, electroplating plant, metallurgical industry, coal washing and so forth.

4. In the paper business can be utilized as dry quality operators, maintenance specialist, channel help.

5. In the mining, coal mining industry can be utilized for waste water, coal washing waste water clarifier.

6. it very well may be utilized for coloring wastewater, cowhide wastewater, slick wastewater treatment, so turbidity expulsion, decolorization, to accomplish the discharge gauges.

7. For the faucet water in the stream water treatment plant flocculant.