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With an aim to stand tall on the expectations of our esteemed clients, we are providing Cooling Water Descaling Chemical. Our offered chemical is processed using superior quality chemical compounds and innovative technology in compliance with industry norms. Moreover, this chemical undergoes different tests under the supervision of quality examiners so as to maintain its quality. The provided chemical is available for our patrons in different packaging options at market leading prices.

Product Details:

Physical StateLiquid
Grade StandardTechnical Grade


  • Long shelf life
  • Water soluble
  • Odorless

> Scale Inhibitor

Our organization has gained recognition as a flourishing organization for providing Scale Inhibitor. The offered inhibitor is manufactured using optimum quality components and modern technology under the vigilance of skilled professionals. Moreover, the provided inhibitor can be availed in variegated designs and sizes as per the needs of the clients. We offer this inhibitor to our clients at nominal prices.

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Grade StandardTechnical Grade
Physical StateSolid


  • Sturdy construction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Precisely designed

> Corrosion Inhibitor

To retain our goodwill as a competent organization, we are involved in offering a quality assured grade of Corrosion Inhibitor. The offered inhibitor is processed with utmost care using the best quality chemical compounds and progressive techniques. Our provided inhibitor is thoroughly tested on various parameters so as to ensure its long shelf life and purity. Apart from this, our inhibitor can be availed at nominal rates.

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Physical StateLIquid
ApplicationIndustrial Use


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  • Tamper-proof packaging
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With our spacious experience & knowledge, we are engaged in offering a wide grade of Microbiocide. Our offered microbicide is available in varied packaging options to cater the varied needs of our clients. The provided microbiocide is processed using superior quality chemical compounds and progressive technology in line with industry norms. Apart from this, provided microbiocide is examined on different parameters by our quality controllers.

Product Details:

Physical StateLIquid
ApplicationIndustrial Use


  • Purity
  • Stability
  • Accurately processed

What is Cooling Tower Chemicals ?

A cooling tower water treatment framework is a course of action of advancements that expel harming pollution from your cooling tower feed water, dissemination water, and additionally blowdown. The particular design of your framework will rely upon a few things, including:

What sort of cooling tower you have (open coursing, once-through, or shut circle)

nature of your feed water cooling tower chemicals Manufacturers

fabricate suggested quality necessities for the cooling tower and hardware

science/cosmetics of your circulatory water

administrative necessities for release

regardless of whether blowdown will be treated for reuse in the cooling tower

sort of warmth exchanger

cycle of focus

What’s incorporated into an essential cooling tower water treatment framework?

As referenced over, the accurate segments of a cooling tower water treatment framework rely upon the nature of feed water and science of circulatory water in connection to the nature of water required for the particular cooling tower and related hardware (as indicated by the maker’s suggestions), yet when all is said in done, a fundamental cooling tower water treatment framework regularly incorporates some kind of:


filtration as well as ultrafiltration

particle trade/mellowing

substance feed

mechanized checking

Contingent upon the pollutions present in your water, any blend of these medicines may best suit your office and make up your treatment framework, so it’s critical to counsel with your water treatment pro to guarantee the correct framework for your particular pinnacle is being considered. Contingent upon the requirements of your cooling tower and procedure, these standard segments are typically satisfactory. In any case, if your pinnacle requires a framework that gives more customization, there may be a few highlights or innovations you should add on.

What does a cooling tower water treatment framework normally control?

A cooling tower water treatment framework may be comprised of the advances important to manage the dimension of:

alkalinity: will direct capability of calcium carbonate scale

chlorides: can be destructive to metals; various dimensions will be endured dependent on materials of cooling tower and gear

hardness: adds to scale in the cooling tower and on warmth exchangers

iron: when joined with phosphate, iron can foul gear

natural issue: advances microorganism development, which can prompt fouling, erosion, and other framework issues

silica: known for causing hard scale stores

sulfates: like chlorides, can be amazingly destructive to metals

complete broke up solids (TDS): add to scaling, frothing, or potentially erosion

aggregates suspended solids (TSS): undissolved contaminants that can cause scaling, biofilms, and additionally consumption

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How does a cooling tower water treatment framework work?

Explicit treatment procedures differ contingent upon the necessities of the cooling tower and quality/science of the feed and course water, however a common cooling tower water treatment framework will typically incorporate the accompanying advances:

Cooling tower cosmetics water admission

Cosmetics water, or the water supplanting drain and vanished and spilled water from the cooling tower, is first drawn from its source, which could be crude water, city water, city-treated gushing, in-plant wastewater reuse, well water, or some other surface water source.

Contingent upon the nature of this water, you might possibly require treatment here. In the event that a water treatment framework is required at this piece of the cooling tower water process, it is generally innovation that expels hardness and silica or balances out and alters the pH.

Now of the procedure, the best possible treatment upgrades the pinnacle dissipation cycles and limits the water drain rate to deplete past what may be finished with synthetic concoctions alone.

Filtration and ultrafiltration

The subsequent stage is commonly running the cooling tower water through some kind of filtration to evacuate any suspended particles, for example, silt, turbidity, and particular sorts of natural issue. It is frequently valuable to do this at an early stage simultaneously, as the evacuation of suspended solids upstream can help shield films and particle trade gums from fouling later on in the pre treatment procedure. Contingent upon the kind of filtration utilized, suspended particles can be expelled down to under one micron.

Particle trade/water relaxing

On the off chance that there’s high hardness in your source/cosmetics water, there might be treatment for the expulsion of the hardness. Rather than lime, a conditioning pitch can be utilized; a solid corrosive cation trade process, whereby tar is accused of a sodium particle, and as the hardness comes through, it has a higher proclivity for calcium, magnesium, and iron so it will snatch that atom and discharge the sodium atom into the water. These contaminants, if present, will generally cause scale stores and rust.

Concoction expansion

Now all the while, there is normally the utilization of synthetic concoctions, for example,

erosion inhibitors (e.g., bicarbonates) to kill sharpness and ensure metal segments

algaecides and biocide (e.g., bromine) to decrease the development of microorganisms and biofilms

scale inhibitors (e.g., phosphoric corrosive) to keep contaminants from shaping scale stores

Intensive treatment preceding this stage can help lessen the measure of synthetic substances expected to treat water now all the while, which is perfect considering numerous concoction medicines can be costly cooling tower chemicals Manufacturers.

Side-stream filtration

In the event that the cooling tower water will be recycled all through the framework, a side-stream filtration unit will be useful in evacuating any risky contaminants that have entered through float pollution, spill, and so on. A decent standard guideline is that, in the event that you cooling tower water treatment framework requires side-stream filtration, about 10{e1ca05648954c827bd0659ec4a466f6940210b90519c3b0ee2d424b3f4a5f43c} of the flowing water will channel through. It regularly comprises of a decent quality mixed media filtration unit. cooling tower chemicals Manufacturers

Blowdown treatment

The last piece of treatment required for cooling tower water is the blowdown or seep from the pinnacle. cooling tower chemicals Manufacturers

Contingent upon how much water the cooling plant needs to flow for legitimate cooling limit, plants will reuse and recoup the water through some sort of post treatment as switch assimilation or particle trade, particularly in spots where water may be rare. This enables fluid and strong waste to be thought and evacuated while treated water can be come back to the pinnacle and reused.

On the off chance that the water from your blowdown should be release, any release your framework makes should meet every single administrative prerequisite. In specific territories where water is rare, there could be huge sewer association charges, and demineralization frameworks can be a practical arrangement here, as they can help limit the expense to interface with water and sewer lines. Likewise, the release of your cooling tower drain must meet nearby civil release guidelines if your profluent is being come back to the earth or a freely possessed treatment works. cooling tower chemicals Manufacturers

In end

Angel Chem India has more than 40 years of experience helping our clients structure and custom-engineer cooling tower water treatment frameworks. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, make sure to visit our site for more data about cooling tower water treatment here. We likewise have an article you may be keen on about how much a cooling tower water treatment framework may cost you and who we suggest as qualified cooling tower water treatment organizations for you to consider as you scan for every one of the alternatives accessible for your plant.

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